Complete Swimming Pool Services for Boyton Beach, FL

Fountain Blue is Boyton Beach, FL’s Most Trust Pool Company 

Boyton Beach, FL residents, and businesses know who to call when they decide it’s time to add a pool or spa to their home. Fountain Blue Pools are the pool builders they have relied on since 1996 for custom pool designs and remodeling options. Communication is key during this process, which is why our team is with you the whole way. Giving you updates and getting permissions for workarounds if there is a hiccup in the construction process. We help you create a backyard oasis your neighbors will be talking about all summer. Our swimming pool and spa services include:  

Pool and Spa Building in Boyton Beach, FL

The pool builders at Fountain Blue Pools know precisely how to bring your dreams to reality through the construction process. We understand the complex process it takes to build your pool or spa, but also recognize where we can add efficiency to get you cooled off quicker in your pool. The Fountain Blue Pools team sticks to your budget and works quickly to finish your new pool. Our swimming pool builders are fully licensed and insured to get the job done correctly! Don’t think you don’t have the budget to create your pool or spa? Families and businesses all over Boyton Beach, FL are continuously surprised when they see our low estimates. You will get step-by-step progress reports as we cruise through the construction process. Choosing an inexperienced team can have you waiting until next spring to start swimming. Fountain Blue’s project managers in Boyton Beach, FL are available and ready whenever you have questions or concerns.   

Pool and Spa Maintenance Boyton Beach, FL

Maintaining your pool’s cleanliness and chemical balance can be tough work, and you need to have the proper knowledge, or you could end up hurting your guests. Too much chlorine can be a real pain in the eyes and skin. Let the experts at Fountain Blue Pools help you relax. Our team will stop by your home on a weekly basis to help you relax. We offer maintenance and swimming pool care packages to ensure they are safe to swim in for everyone! Here are the weekly maintenance services you can expect from Fountain Blue Pools:  

  • Check and rebalancing of chemicals 
  • Brush pool interior 
  • Clean tile perimeter 
  • Net clean pool for leaves 
  • Check and empty pump and skimmer baskets 
  • Vacuum pool 
  • Clean filter cartridge as needed 

Pool and Spa Remodeling Boyton Beach, FL

Our experience has allowed us to see many different requests for these types of jobs. Would you like a waterfall feature? Done! Want new fancy inset tile? You got it! Fountain Blue Pools pool builders are here to make sure your recreational features meet your standards. If your current pool in Boyton Beach, FL is making you unhappy call Fountain Blue Pools. You can see some previous projects here for remodeling ideas. Below are some of the projects we’ve helped Boyton Beach, FL residents with:  

  • Waterfall, Rock Formation, or Tile Mosaic Additions  
  • Pool and Spa Resurfacing 
  • Updating Water Line Tiles 
  • Swimming Pool Surface Work 
  • Coping Brick 
  • Patio or Swimming Pool Deck 
  • Addition of a Spa 

Custom Swimming Pool Design in Boyton Beach, FL

Fountain Blue Pools is fully equipped to customize your new pool to exceed your expectations by bringing more than your dreams into reality. We are also your team when you wish to update your current pool or spa. Many people think going for a custom-designed pool will break that break. You’d be surprised about the cost after we hand you the estimate. We have found many efficiencies in the pool building process to be able to save you money and allow you to buy the pool you deserve. Our experience has granted us the ability to cut costs where most other pool companies will try to upcharge you. We are known for our affordable customized pools. We cut costs, not quality. Rest assured, no matter your price point you are receiving only our best efforts.  

Swimming Pool Inspections in Boyton Beach, FL

Purchasing a pool for your home giveyou more than just a place to relax on warm days. It is an investment! Adding a pool to your home can significantly raise the value when it comes time to sell, bringing you more money at closing. Having it inspected before will also help you because our pool inspectors will be able to find some flaws and make quick fixes to ensure you are getting the best price. Fountain Blue is also there for you when buying a new home with a pool or spa. We train our inspectors to find cracks in the pool’s surface, decorative tile, concrete deck, plumbing, and more. As well, they check for future problems with equipment such as pool lights, circulation systems, plumbing, automatic cleaning systems, and more. You can put the costs for those fixes into the sale price or have them get it done before you purchase so you can hop in as soon as you move in. Most home inspectors aren’t able to perform this same service, trust the experts! 

Commercial Pool Services in Boyton Beach, FL

Running a commercial-sized pool can be difficult. Mainly managing the chemicals correctly for the number of people utilizing it. Put your trust in the Fountain Blue Pools team to make sure all your water levelare correct, and everyone in the pool is better protected from potential disease. Our skilled and well-equipped team can also help with repairs or remodels when needed. There is no job too large or too small for pool builders or chemical engineers. We offer chemical program maintenance packages to put your worries to rest.  

Contact Fountain Blue Today for Boyton Beach, FL Pool Services 

Call Fountain Blue Pools once you are ready to have your custom designed pool installed in Boyton Beach, FL. If you have further questions or would like to discuss adding a pool and spa to your backyard or business, call us at (561) 969-2299! We offer affordable estimates and work with you to make sure we meet your needs while staying within your budget. Check out our site for coupons as well to help with initial costs of remodeling and construction services. Earn points towards bonuses and discounts to use on future services.